Best Laundry Tips for Beginners

Let’s look at some laundry tips to make the everpresent need for laundry easier. Let’s look at some tips to make it a little easier.  Laundry can be confusing and easily overwhelming.  Should you put your wool sweater in hot water, then in the dryer? (Don’t do this unless you want to have a nice new sweater for barbie or ken doll.)  What do the symbols on the labels mean? These and other questions should not keep you up at night.

One of the most important parts of doing laundry is reading the labels on your clothes.  They will tell you what temperature, cycle, whether to use bleach or not, and how to dry your clothes.  Some clothes are going to require dry cleaning, while others are going to require hand washing.  Make sure you pay close attention to these tags to make your clothing last longer and look brighter.

Hand Washing Laundry Tips

hand washing laundry

If your clothes require hand washing, fill your sink with cool to warm water, add a gentle detergent, (Woolite works well with delicate clothing and hand washing) then soak the clothing for 15 minutes or so before draining the sink and refilling with cold water.  Rinse the soap out of the garment and once it is thoroughly rinsed, follow the drying instructions, either to lay it flat or hang to dry. 

Gentle Cycle Tips

Some tags will recommend washing on a gentle cycle.  If that’s the case, check the temperature requirements on the tag to ensure proper washer settings.  Use a gentle detergent, like Woolite or something similar.  Once the batch is done, you can remove the clothes promptly and dry based on the instructions on the tags.  Most will need to air dry, which will definitely improve the longevity of the outfit. 

After clothes finish in the dryer, remove and fold them right away.  This will prevent them from wrinkling too much.  Plus, how often do clothes get washed and not put away for far too long?  It’s easier to do a batch at a time. 

Dry Cleaning Tips

Dry cleaning your clothes causes a bit more wear than regular laundering but is sometimes necessary.  It’s possible to extend the time needed between dry cleanings by airing the garment out, wiping any lightly soiled areas with a cloth or a brush, and by hanging them up properly. Don’t just toss your suit jacket on the bed or over a chair.  It’s terrible for the shoulders. A suit brush will also help keep your suit fresh between laundering.  

The best tips for doing laundry really depends on what type of clothes you have, and whether or not you tend to get stains often. Be sure to always read the label, and don’t force too much into a load. Then just rinse and repeat. If you want to know more about Lightning Clean’s state of the art cleaning technology check out this page.