water pipes for a washing machine

What you need to install a washing machine

So, you’ve just moved into your new home and need to install your washing machine.  What exactly do you need for this process?  Does the house have a laundry room?  If there are already connections, do you really want it to go there?  Or would you rather set it up in a different room/part of the house? Let’s take a look at the different options, and scale them in difficulty.  

Hopefully, your new home has the perfect laundry room, decked out with a sink, a nice countertop, and connections for your washer and dryer.  The installation process here is quick and relatively easy.  You will need the proper connecting hoses for the type of machine you have, a drain line to drain the washer, and access to an electric outlet. 

Water Pipe Installment

To begin, connect the hoses to the back of the washing machine, then slide the machine almost into place.  Connect the other end of the supply hoses to the hot and cold valves, respectively.  It is possible to purchase hoses that are color-coded for hot and cold, which will help in avoiding confusion in the future.  Once the hoses are connected, plug the machine in, and slide into place.  Now it’s time to level the washer. 

Most washing machines have feet on the bottom that are extendable.  This is the preferred way to level it, as it will allow you to make minute adjustments without too much work.  Once leveled, test the machine to ensure that it works properly. 

It is possible, however, that the home you are moving into has everything you want but a proper laundry room.  The only connections are in a strange place that would make doing laundry inconvenient at best.  If this is the case, it would be easiest to hire a plumber to install new connections for your washing machine in the desired place.  They can then assist with the installation of the machine.  

Replacing Machines During Washing Machine Installments

When you replace your washer, most stores that deliver will haul away your old washer and install the new one as part of the delivery fee.  If not, it is best to remove the old machine and connections before bringing the new one into the area, as washers are heavy, and having to maneuver around another machine would be difficult.  

old washing machine

There are multiple ways to get rid of your old machine, from businesses that remove old junk to taking it to a recycling center yourself.  Once the old washer is out of the way, install the new one following the steps outlined above.  

Enjoy your new washer, but to ensure longevity, make sure to follow all manufacturer’s settings and cleaning cycle.  

With new technology, laundry machine hookups can be made without traditional water pipes. Lightning Clean’s patented technology is changing the game for washing machines in apartments and homes.