woman struggling to do laundry at the laundromat

Biggest Secrets Laundromats Don’t Want You to Know

What do you know about laundromats? Is there a reason they are always so busy? What don’t they want you to know?

They would all go out of business if people realized they could just get a washer in their house or apartment. And for significantly less than expected. Washing machines start at incredibly low prices. However, low prices are for portable units that you can store in a closet and roll out when needed. 

How clean are laundromats really?

Using a laundromat is fine on occasion, but when you must use it every week, it starts getting pretty pricy. You’ve got to pay a couple of bucks for the washer and a couple for the dryer. In addition, pay way too much for the detergent and dryer sheets in the vending machines there. If you add up your monthly spending on laundry, you could afford your own washer within months, if that long. 

Who knows just how sanitary a laundromats’ washing machines are, anyway? You never really know who used it before you. It is possible to sanitize the machine before using it, but that turns out to be another expense. The science is still out. On whether or not you can get the flu from the drum in the machine, but you definitely can from the handles. Wiping everything down also costs you precious time.

Coins add up

stacks of coins growing

Monetary reasons generally keep people from investing in a washer and dryer, but if money weren’t an issue, there would be far less reason for a laundromat. Then you could purchase a machine that may even get your laundry done in 10 minutes! Talk about a machine paying for itself!

Saving that much time is really the equivalent of growing your own money. Every time you use it, it returns time to you, in that you don’t have to spend 45 minutes on a load in the washer before being able to transfer to the dryer. Dryers really aren’t that great for your clothing anyway, so if you have the ability to line dry things, that is ideal. If drying inside, invest in an oscillating fan to help dry them. 

When doing laundry at the laundromat, you are forced to stay there the entire time, unless you really don’t care if someone steals your jeans. Most laundromats have a couple old magazines laying around, maybe a coin op video game or 2, and possibly a worn out tv that kind of gets a few stations, but only if you hit the side of it before sitting down. 

It may be time to acknowledge the fact that it is time to invest in a washing machine.