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Small Apartment Laundry Hacks

Small apartments have their own unique challenges with everything from storage to laundry. While it can be nice to stay in a cozy unit, it can make doing your laundry quite difficult. Here are some hacks to help make your small apartment living a bit easier. 

Your apartment may be on the smaller side, but there is always room for a laundry solution. If you own the apartment, maybe add a laundry 2 in 1 machine to your kitchen. You will lose some drawer storage space but gain the ability to wash and dry your clothes without having to leave the apartment.

If installing a washer/dryer combo is not an option, take a look at converting an unused closet into a hidden laundry room. Use a stackable washer/dryer to save room. This will help with laundry and keep it hidden from visitors.

There is also the option of a small portable washing machine. These will do a decent job with your clothing but won’t do quite as well as a full-fledged washing machine. These options are generally pretty inexpensive though, so it may be worth it to you.

Invest in a foldable drying rack or laundry line as well. This will save you money on utility bills while also saving your clothes from unnecessary wear and tear. Always fold it as soon as it is dry to limit wrinkles. 

If you are unable to install a machine in your apartment permanently, you still have options. The apartment building may have a laundry room, which will allow you to do laundry on-premises. The first thing you should do is find out what the cost is per machine, and whether or not they take cards. This will help you avoid problems later. 

Preparing Laundry in a Small Apartment

When doing laundry in your own building, presort your clothes and treat any stains you have in your apartment before heading to the laundry. If you use detergent instead of pods, you can put a small amount in a reusable bottle to save you from having to haul a big bottle up and down from the laundry.

Washing delicate items in the sink will also ensure that they are not going to wear to quickly in the washer. Line dry or hang on a drying rack to avoid too many wrinkles. If they are still soiled after hand washing, try running them through a gentle cycle at the laundry. The hand washing should work well. Using a light detergent like Woolite will protect the fabrics as well.

Try these ideas in your apartment and you should be able to get through any type of laundry debacle.