woman in swimsuit that you should never dry

3 Items You Should Never Dry – Like Ever!

What are your favorite jeans? Have you been wearing them for quite a while, or are they new? How many times have you washed and dried them? If the answer to drying them is more than zero, you may want to read on and see why you should never dry jeans, along with some other items. Here are 3 items you should line dry, or at least hang on a drying rack. 

Never Dry Jeans

stack of jeans you should never dry

Jeans have a tendency to shrink in the dryer. Have you ever put on a pair after they are laundered and find that you have to do a little yoga in them before they fit properly again? That is because of the dryer, and possibly a little due to hot water in the washer as well. If you skip drying your jeans in the dryer, you’ll find that they require just a little less yoga to wear them comfortably.

Never Dry Wool Sweaters

wool you should never dry

This is a big one. If you put your favorite wool sweater in the dryer with any heat at all, you are turning it into a much smaller version of itself. Once it shrinks, there isn’t much you can do to fix it. 

Before washing your wool sweaters make sure you use a very gentle detergent like Woolite. It is specifically formulated to wash wool without damaging it. 

Swimwear is a No

Did you know your swimsuit hates your dryer? They do not get along at all. After washing your suit on cold, just air dry them to avoid damage. If they contain spandex at all it will break down under heat and cause the suit to fall apart. At first, it will just be a bit frayed, but eventually, it will become unwearable. No one likes a swimsuit you can’t wear so skip the dryer!