save time if you weren't washing clothes

Ways to Use Your Time if You Weren’t Washing Clothes

Saturday was perfect for mountain biking.  The temperature was cool, but not too cold.  A light breeze blew through the leaves.  A beautiful fall day, but instead of going out and having fun, you are doing laundry again. Don’t you wish you weren’t washing clothes?

How many times have you had to stay home on a Saturday just so you could do your wash? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could finish load of wash in 10 minutes instead of 35 or so?  Maybe even longer, depending on how new your machine is. 

lego building of laundromat

If you could run all of your laundry through the wash at 10 minutes per load and 20 minutes to dry (if your load even needs it), that would free up your entire afternoon! 

While your clothes are line drying, you could go catch a movie, or meet friends for coffee.  Maybe just go for a walk. The real winner here is your schedule, which you can fill up doing whatever you want.  

How to Not be Washing Clothes

Finishing a load of wash in 10 minutes would be such a time-saver that you would stop approaching laundry day with a sense of foreboding and dread.  It may even revolutionize your laundry routine so much that “laundry day” is really 20 minutes whenever you have a load to run and hang to dry, or place in the dryer and wait for the drying cycle for only 20 minutes

lego scene of waisting time doing laundry

Once your clothes are dry, make sure to attend to them quickly.  Hang or fold everything and put it away.  It’s best not to let them pile up, or you’ll have to change your schedule again in order to catch up.  

Everyone wants more time to spend on their hobbies and entertainment.  Laundry doesn’t have to keep you from adventure. Start imagining what you could do if you weren’t washing clothes.