10-minute wash saves you time

5 Reasons You Need a 10-Minute Wash

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wash a load of laundry in just a 10-minute wash? What a world it would be if you could just spend less time doing laundry. There are so many reasons this would be amazing, but let’s focus on the top.

1. You Need an Outfit Cleaned Quickly For an Unexpected Event

How many times have you had a last-minute invite to go out that you turned down, knowing you didn’t have time to express wash your outfit and dry it in under an hour? If you could fully wash it in 10 minutes, that would allow time to actually put it in the dryer and still go out that night. Suddenly, you find yourself only using the “I’ve got nothing to wear tonight” excuse with people you don’t want to go out with.

there's only so much time but a 10-minute wash helps

2. There are Only 1440 Minutes In a Day

Every time you do laundry, the washing machine takes up at least 25-30 minutes, then it’s off to the dryer for another 30-45 minutes. One complete load, not including folding and putting away, takes up at least an hour, maybe more. That leaves you with less than 1380 minutes remaining. That’s for 1 complete cycle. If you have any more wash to do, add in another couple hours. After folding and putting away and you’re down to 1200 or so. That may not feel too significant, but remember, sleeping is going to take up another 480 minutes or so, work and commute will take up 600 or so, and then you need to eat, so maybe another 60 there. Add all that up and you have about 60 minutes to complete anything else you need to do that day. 

10-minute wash is easier for baby clothes

3. Baby Clothing in a 10-Minute Wash

If you have a small child, you know you can go through almost every outfit they own in a matter of days. You also know that you are constantly exhausted. Add in the need to do chores and you are at wit’s end. If you could wash your baby’s clothing and finish a load in a 10-minute wash, you can get a pair of jammies clean and dry just in time for bed, saving you time to sit in your child’s room until they fall asleep, or rocking them in the chair for hours before taking them for a drive to get them to fall asleep.  You wouldn’t have as much driving time if you have to spend more than 10 minutes on a load of wash.

a 10-minute load of laundry for sports clothes

4. Sports Gear in a 10-Minute Wash

It finally happened. Your young athlete just wore the same clothes at practice for 2 straight weeks. They were forced to bring them home by the coach, who just couldn’t go near the youngster any longer. You had no idea they weren’t putting them in the laundry every night. Once you open the hamper, the wave of stench hits you like a slap.  Luckily, you can run these through the wash 3 times in the next half hour, killing the terrible odor and saving the outfit from the garbage, thus saving you money.

faster loads of laundry saves money

5. Saving Money

Overall, doesn’t everyone just want to save some money? A cycle that is a 10-minute wash would cut down on so much wasted energy and water. This is a great way to lighten up the monthly utility bills.