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5 Ways to Prepare For College

You need to prepare for college now to be ready to learn. It’s a time when people learn how to live on their own, how to become self-reliant (hopefully), and how to cram for exams. When the time to start planning your first year of college comes along, try these steps to help make the transition easier.

1. Plan on staying in the dorms the first year

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Photo by Alex Bierwagen on Unsplash

Dorm living is a great way to introduce yourself to living on your own, but with the benefit of having to follow some rules. While it may not be as strict as home, you still won’t be able to go too crazy, unless of course you really try. Staying in the dorm will help you learn valuable socialization skills, coping skills, and teach you how to deal with people of several different types. 

It is also good that there is a laundry room right there for you. Use it often.

2. Buy a few pairs of flip flops

Flip Flops will save your feet from all sorts of untold misery. Every time you go to the shower, wear your flip flops. Every Time. There are some pretty obvious reasons for this, as you will see when you attend.

3. Prepare for college by getting to know your roommate

It seems like this one should be obvious, but there are so many stories of roommates not getting along over silly things. Sure, if they keep stealing your things, turn them in. If they just leave their shoes out every day, talk to them and see if you can work out the issue before it becomes something bigger.

4. Don’t leave laundry in the machine

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Always be ready to remove laundry from the washer as soon as it is done. Unless it’s 3 in the morning and nobody is waiting, you will find your clothes set aside and someone else using the machines. Oh, and you will earn a pretty bad reputation. 

5. Engage in on-campus activities while you prepare for college

This is so important. Staying in your room and studying 24/7 is a great way to get good grades, but it won’t improve your chances of building friendships with different groups of people. These various groups of friends will eventually be the very same people that can help you find or change jobs in the future. It is vitally important to build a strong network of people. Remember, sometimes it is more about who you know than what you know. Try to expand that network to include professors as well. They know a lot more about your future employers than you realize, and it is always a good idea to get on your professors’ good side anyway. 

Good luck in your transition and don’t give up!