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Can You Wash Exercise Clothes?

Let’s face it.  Quality exercise clothes are expensive. How do you wash exercise clothes?  It is important to take care of them and ensure they last as long as possible.  With high-performance activewear, care needs to be taken when washing. Hot water and high heat drying will drastically shorten the life of the garment. 

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Exercise clothes need to be cleaned after every use. If you don’t wash them, the sweat and oils from your workout build up and make it harder for the garment to come clean.  If your clothes start to have an odor that the washing machine just doesn’t take care of, here are some steps to take to help remove it.  

Plain white vinegar can help.  Place your exercise clothes in the sink with cold water and add vinegar to the water.  Generally, a 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar solution will work.  Let the clothes soak for 1/2 hour. 

After soaking them for 1/2 hour, turn them inside out and place them in the washer.  Make sure it’s a small load.  Once in the washer, make sure to use cold water, gentle cycle.  Don’t add any heavy items with them, as that can cause them to wear out faster.  Use a detergent that is mild or made specifically for high performance activewear.  Don’t add any extra detergent to the load.  

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Photo by Sana Saidi on Unsplash

Once you wash exercise clothes, dry them

Once the wash cycle is complete, place the clothes in the dryer and run on low heat.  That will keep the fabrics from shrinking.  You can also place them on a drying rack.  That will ensure they are dry without the concern of extra wear or damage from the dryer. 

When washing, don’t add any fabric softener to activewear.  It coats the fibers in the garment and can lock in any odors.  It is best to just use the steps outlined above to get the best clean and have your activewear last.