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5 Laundry Hacks for College Students

Laundry is one of the last things you want to think about when you go to college, and you are probably in need of much-needed laundry hacks for college students. There are so many new and exciting things to busy yourself with, who even has time for laundry? Everyone feels that way. Who has the time? Let’s take a look at some hacks to get you off on the right foot with your laundry routine.

1. Find the laundry room right away

It’s move-in day. Your parents just left, leaving you to fend for yourself for the first time in your life. All you want to do now is unpack your things and take a nap. Go ahead and make yourself at home, but before you decide on anything else, take a tour of your dorm to find out what facilities it has. Once you do this, you’ll know the basic laundry facilities they have, and you’ll be ready to take your clothes when you need to.

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2. Add time into your schedule for laundry every week (or as often as needed)

Now that you know where to go, set up a little time for when to go. Schedule it in for yourself. Scheduling is one of the laundry hacks for college students that you can’t forget. It may be best to check out the laundry room a few times to get an idea of when the slow times are. During slower times, you won’t have to wait and may even be able to use multiple machines at once, speeding the entire process up. 

3. Laundry hack for college students you can’t forget read your labels and sort laundry in your room

Always read the labels on your clothing. Some of them aren’t going to want to be added into a hot load of whites because they will either bleed their colors onto other clothes or they will shrink away to doll-sized clothing. As you go through your labels, sort your clothing between whites, darks, and heavier items like towels and bedding. Sorting in your room will save you time in the laundry room.

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4. Don’t use too much detergent is an oft forgot laundry hack for college students

Detergent is absolutely necessary, but you don’t have to use as much as you may think. If the washers are high efficiency (HE), then a tablespoon or 2 will do the trick. Don’t use too much because it won’t rinse out properly.

5. Use a mesh laundry bag to wash your socks and underwear

This can be vital. Nobody wants to be the person that leaves their underwear in the washer. Not everyone will be nice enough to just set it aside. Expect to find them pinned on community boards or other unfortunate places. Using a mesh washing bag will keep all of your socks and underwear in one place, making it highly unlikely that you will leave any behind.

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Other tips to follow would be to obey the rules of the laundry room, don’t leave wet clothes in the washer, and always try to be courteous to your fellow students.