laundry you should never wash with colors

3 Things to Never Wash Together

It has been a while since you last went out with friends, so you are excited to go out tonight. You’ve washed your favorite outfit, had your hair done, and are ready for a fun time. When you sit down at the table with your friends, they all look at you a little oddly. You look down at your blouse and see that it is a slightly off-colored hue of pink. The perfectly dyed cream color from this morning left. How did you not notice this disaster while getting ready? Well, since it has already happened, let’s take a look at how you can avoid such experiences in the future. These are the things you should never wash together.

1. Never wash clothes with whites

Whites wash at a much higher heat than colors. Hotter water temperatures can make colors bleed a little, which then discolors the whites in the load. Your favorite blouse turned pink because of 1 errant red sock. Just imagine what an entire red towel would have done! Sorting clothes before putting them in the washer will greatly reduce the chances of this happening again. 

2. Jeans and delicates

Jeans are heavy items that need to be washed separately. A load of jeans by themselves will greatly reduce the chances of damage to other clothes. When loading the washer, turn your jeans inside out, zip up the zippers, and button the buttons. That will keep them from snagging on other clothes. Being inside out will protect the color and look of the jeans. Washing jeans with delicates will likely destroy or damage the delicates in the load. 

3. Never wash blankets and regular clothing together

Blankets are heavy before they are even wet. Lighter clothing catches in the blankets and doesn’t rinse properly, leading to dirty clothing. It will also add unnecessary wear and tear on the blankets, causing them to possibly pill and shed fibers. Keep blankets in their own loads and avoid using fabric softeners as they will build up and cause the blankets to start smelling like mildew.

Follow these washing recommendations and you will hopefully be able to avoid another pink blouse embarrassment and never wash clothes together that you shouldn’t. There are so many other things that you can do to embarrass yourself that you really shouldn’t let your clothes become one of them.