3 Kinds of Washing Machines to use

Washing machines come in all sorts of styles and price points, but overall there are only a few different kinds of the washer. There are the front load, top-load agitator, and top load impeller. Which style you may want is based on your needs. Here are some areas where each excels. 

Top load agitator machines

These machines load from the top and have an agitator in the center. This agitator will move the laundry around as the load washes. This version uses more water than the other 2 and isn’t as efficient. They aren’t quite as easy to load as a top load impeller or a front-load machine, but their price point is generally lower than the other 2 options.

Key Points

  1. No bending over to load machine
  2. Not as expensive as other types of washers
  3. Usually washes pretty quickly

Top load impeller washing machines

Top load impeller machines are also known as top load high efficiency (HE) machines. They use far less water than an agitator machine and therefore use less electricity. They are better on your utility bills and better on the environment. The impeller is a little disc in the bottom of the drum that turns and forces the clothes to wash against each other instead of against the agitator like in the other machine. This is a much more efficient process.

Key Points

  1. Easier to load than top loader with an agitator
  2. Much more efficient than agitator models
  3. Still more affordable than a front load washer

Front-Load washing machines

Front-load machines are the most energy and water-efficient of the 3. They use less water and provide superior clean to top load machines, for the most part. Front-load machines are also great for smaller spaces since they can have a dryer stacked on top of them. Space-saving and energy efficiency are great pluses; however, they do tend to be more expensive than the top load machines.

Key Points

  1. Most efficient type
  2. Stackable with a dryer
  3. Higher speed spin cycles get clothes dryer than top loaders

Each type has its pros and cons, and the right choice comes down to what you can afford and what extras you want. You really can’t go wrong as long as you stay within your budget. When buying, remember to go with quality over extra bells and whistles. The best-built machine for your money will last and do a better job overall than a poorly built machine with all the features you want.