tips on ironing from the experts

The Top 3 Tips for Ironing

Nobody looks forward to ironing their clothes, but most people have to. There are so many chances to ruin your clothes when ironing, but these tips for ironing will steer you clear of any issues. Setting it too hot for the fabric, leaving the hot iron on the clothes while grabbing the spray starch, the list goes on. It is important to pay close attention while ironing to avoid too many mistakes and burned clothes.

Taking that into account, how come there isn’t an easier way to accomplish this? Well, until the world comes up with a quick, viable replacement for ironing, we are stuck with it, so we may as well make the best of it. Here are the top 3 hints to ironing like a boss.

1. Tips for ironing: Sort your clothes for ironing

Proper ironing preparation will make the process go quicker and much smoother. Sort the clothing by temperature. That way you can start out on cooler settings and turn up the iron as you go. General rules of thumb for fabrics are

  1. Silk and synthetics – low heat
  2. Wool – medium heat
  3.  Cotton and linen – high heat

Start with silks and end with cottons and linens. This will take you through the heating options on the iron and you will be far less likely to scorch or burn your clothing.

2. Tips for ironing: Never use circular movement on clothing

Circular motion on your clothing is going to stretch and distort the fabric. Always iron lengthwise to allow the fabric to move in its more natural direction.

clean clothes put away tips for ironing

3. Put clothes away

Don’t leave your ironed clothing just sitting out. Fold them and put them away as soon as they are ironed. The shirts and slacks can go on the hangers and straight into the closet. Stop the wrinkles before they happen. 

Ironing isn’t the most entertaining thing to do, but here are some things to be grateful for.

  • You no longer need to use a solid iron that was heated on your stove. 

Temperature control on that thing must have been a nightmare. While ironing with one iron, you would typically own a second that was reheating on the stove. Long process, plus picking up a hot iron by the handle might iron more than just your clothes! 

  • There isn’t a tool in your house (unless you are a collector, or are into that kind of laundry,) named a “mangle board”.  This was a long flat board that would be used to smooth out fabric wound around a rolling pin. You would “iron” the fabric by pressing the board into the fabric and smooth it out. Talk about time-consuming!
Key points
  1. Pay attention to your iron (if you want a list of the best irons out there check out this blog)
  2. Start cool and end hot
  3. Put clothes away immediately