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Don’t Waste Your Time on These 3 Things

hour glass representing to don't waste your time

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

We all have enough things we have to accomplish every day. Why add anything more to that list unless it’s absolutely necessary? Is it possible to streamline processes to ensure you’re not wasting your time? Here are 3 things you shouldn’t waste your time on.

1. The Snooze Button

The snooze button can be your biggest enemy. It gives you permission to waste as much time as you want, all in 9-minute segments. There is a reason you set the alarm for that specific time, and you know deep down that you would feel better about yourself and your ability to take control over yourself if you were to just get up instead of hitting snooze.

don't waste your time on the snooze button

Photo by Yasin Hasan on Unsplash

Your productivity can flourish in those 9 minutes. Immediately jump in the shower and be done before you normally hit snooze for the second time. By the 3rd time, you could have breakfast made and coffee ready. The overall idea here being: DON’T USE SNOOZE!!

2.Social Media

Checking Instagram or Twitter every 10 minutes is going to add up to a significant amount of wasted time every day. If you can limit your use of social media to a once a day task, you will save more time than you realize. Do you really need to post that pic of your lunch today? Who else out there really cares what your salad looks like? You can be just as “productive” on social media if you do all of your posts at once, at a predesignated time in the evening.

3. Laundry

Wasting time washing your clothes ends up taking a large portion of your life. If you could cut back on laundry you would save an enormous amount of time. Try to limit doing laundry until you have to. Why wash your jeans every time you wear them? If the blouse isn’t soiled or smelly, maybe just hanging it on a hanger will help it air out to be ready to wear again. The less often you wash an article of clothing, the longer that clothing will last. While it’s not recommended that you wear dirty clothing, as long as it doesn’t smell and doesn’t have soiled spots on it, maybe one more wear won’t hurt it. This holds true with men’s dress shirts as they are generally worn over an undershirt that takes the majority of the wear.

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