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Renters Look for These 5 Things

The apartment industry isn’t quite like any other industry and there is a constant battle to make sure that each apartment is appealing in its own way. Whether you are building a new apartment or furnishing an old build here are the top 5 things renters are looking for that you can’t leave out.

1. Renters look for in-unit washer/dryer

No one likes laundromats. Across the market in the US, units with a washing machine in-unit increase rents by 10%. It makes your unit better, attracting more renters, and at a higher price. But we hear you, there’s not enough space. This used to be true, but with Lightning One you can now fit a machine in a lot more spaces while only using one machine for washing and drying! Welcome to the 21st century.

2. Renters look for a covered parking space

Having at least one, covered place to park is very important to renters. Whether you are in a cold climate and have to deal with snow or a desert climate that you have to deal with the sum, renters want the luxury of covered parking.

3. To allow pets or not to allow pets

Pet policies are important decision factors for renters. Maybe they have a furry friend they don’t want to separate from or maybe they prefer two-legged companions. Either way, clarifying your policy is key to getting quality rent candidates.

4. Renters looks for fitness centers

Do you have a community fitness center? Hopefully, you said yes. Renters love having the option to have a close and convenient place to break a sweat and burn some calories. Even if they don’t end up using it you will not regret putting one in.

5. Safety is key

Ultimately renters want to know that when they are home they will be safe. Think through extra steps you can take to keep every renter safe and with peace of mind.

What did we leave off the list? Lightning Clean is a new kind of washing machine company. Focused on what clients want, and the apartment industry has been neglected for too long. If you own or manage multi-family real estate make sure to check the rest of our site out.