washing machine after washing a virus

Does a Washing Machine kill Covid-19?

Google isn’t very conclusive on whether or not a washing machine kills Covid-19, and that’s because scientists have not had a long time to research how the coronavirus interacts with clothing and laundry. So does a washing machine kill covid-19? The short answer is yes. You are not in danger of your clothes keeping the Coronavirus on them and infecting you, but like with anything there is more to it than just that. Read on for you pandemic hacks! 

Clothing is NOT known to transmit

While technically possible there has been no definitive link to spreading the virus through clothing. Elizabeth Scott, associate dean at Simmons University’s Collide of Natural, Behavioural and Health Sciences in Boston said, “I have seen nothing published that suggests that people need to strip off clothes, launder and shower right after a trip to the store.”

Washing machines will most likely kill Covid-19

We know what you’re thinking on this one. That doesn’t sound promising. However, according to the CDC it’s okay to wash an ill person’s clothes with a non-ill person’s clothes, because washing machines kill viruses. Professor Kelly Reynolds confirmed this when she said, “Mostly, you don’t need to use high-level products like sanitizers or bleach because the coronavirus is killed very easily, so just normal wash cycles are very effective for the SARS-COVID2 virus and other respiratory viruses like your cold and flu viruses.”

a washing machine open

Dryer saves the day

If you are still worried about it, the dryer’s heat takes care of any remaining issues. Dr. Charles Gerba (Dr. Germ) said that dry cycles are the final step in killing bacteria that make up the virus. 

Your washing machine will kill Covid-19

In the end, we’d feel safe after washing our clothes. Keep in mind you should be more careful when someone in your house is sick. Be careful while handline their clothes to put them in the washer. Also, make sure you are cautious of the dirt clothes hamper. However, once they are in the washer you are good to go!