apartment amenities

Top 3 Apartment Amenities You Need to Have

Apartment amenities are very important because they provide tenants desired comforts and make the experience of living in an apartment memorable. They are a special feature of an apartment that is unique to that particular building. For instance, there are different categories for apartment amenities.

Kitchen amenities 

  1. High-quality kitchen appliances
  2. High-quality kitchen countertops 
  3. Dishwashers

Laundry amenities

  1. Laundry service
  2. Washers and drying machines
  3. Shared laundry rooms

Pet amenities

  1. Multiple pets allowed
  2. Pet washing station
  3. Dog Park

Family apartment amenities

  1. After school services
  2. Playground 

Unit amenities

  1. Air-conditioners
  2. Fireplace
  3. Balcony

Technological amenities

  1. USB charging port
  2. WIFI
  3. Satellite or Cable T
  4. Fast internet service

Recreational apartment amenities

  1. Spa
  2. Fitness center
  3. Community center
  4. Pool

Transportation/Parking amenities 

  1.   Garage
  2.   Public transportation access
  3.   Electric car charging port

Before you set out to rent or buy that apartment, here are the top 3 apartment amenities you must watch out for:

Quartz or Granite Countertops

For example, high-level property managers and landlords know the value of walking into the kitchen and seeing laminate countertops which allows hot materials like hot pans to be rested on it. But you feel it’s not doable? Of course it is doable because most luxury homes now make use of granites and quartz for their countertops and also the bathrooms as well. Quartz and granite are preferred because of its laminate nature and its ability to withstand heat which is perfect for a luxury kitchen.

WIFI Apartment Amenities

Imagine moving into an apartment and you don’t have to call an ISP to install WIFI in the apartment as the building is already covered. Above all, the answer is in having WIFI as-a-service in the apartment, most smart luxury apartments have tiered bandwidth subscription which provides fast and easily accessible internet facilities for the occupants of the building. Finally, to enjoy the service in the house, all you have to do is to switch it on like you are switching on the light in the house.

Gas or Wood Burning Fireplace for Apartment Amenities

To some people, having a fireplace fitted in an apartment is on the excessive side but most luxury buildings have a fireplace in place.  This is a place where you can curdle or curl up by yourself or with your loved one while watching a movie.

Who wouldn’t want to have a fireplace to warm up during the cold winter? This is what the fireplace is designed for in luxury apartments. Whether gas or wood burning fireplace, you have a place to warm up during winter.

In conclusion, apartment amenities are very important, though to some they aren’t important as they consider it as a form of extravagance. Similarly, the importance of apartment amenities is in the comfort, peace, freedom, easy life, and enjoyable memories that it brings to the apartment occupant.

As you go house hunting, either to buy or to rent, look out for these three top apartment amenities and experience the good life.