woman in common area laundry rooms

Reasons to Get Rid of Common Area Laundry Rooms

Common area laundry rooms are shared spaces where clothes are washed and dried by all residents in the building. Problems often accompany them as shared facilities tend to do. Many people call for the end of common area laundry rooms because of this.

Here are different reasons why you should get rid of the common area laundry room;

Common area laundry rooms require lots of Maintenance

Since the washers and dryers in common area laundry rooms are used more than the in-unit washing machine, they tend to breakdown more frequently. They also require lots of maintenance to prevent them from backing up. 

High cost of set up

The cost of setting up a common area laundry room is very significant. This is because it contains different units of washers and dryers for different tenants using them at the same time. This high initial start-up cost is one of the reasons there have been calls for getting rid of them.

Sanitation of common area laundry rooms

The common area laundry room will require regular cleaning as many people will be using the space. Because of how often it is used, there are bound to be some spillage of liquid detergents. This cleaning of floors, walls, tabletops, and other surfaces will require the services of extra cleaning staff. Residents only clean their immediate area of usage.


Since there are many people using the common area laundry room, the issue of privacy comes into play. This is the reason why the in-unit washing machine is preferable as it ensures privacy and reduces conflicts.

increase monitoring in common area laundry rooms

Increase Monitoring

There is always a need to establish a code of conduct for residents to follow. And also step up monitoring of the common area laundry room by the property managers. This avoids irresponsible usage of the facilities by residents and to ensure a safe and friendly environment for the users. Sometimes the users are not willing to abide by any code of conduct nor are they willing to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the facilities. This leads to conflict and deterioration of the facility.

Time wasting in common area laundry rooms

You should use your time in more productive ways than moving between your apartment and the laundry room. Waiting for others to finish a load is also a pain.

In conclusion, there is nothing as beautiful and peaceful as having a private place to do your laundry. Sharing space, lacking proper sanitation, abiding by a strict code of conduct, and wasting time that accompanies the use of common area laundry room is really a valid reason why you should get rid of your common area laundry room.