going up to sell more units

Best Ways to Sell More Units

You have to sell more units to be successful in Real Estate. But, if you have numerous units up for sale, and you’re not getting enough buyers for them, here are the best ways to sell more units.

Locate your Target Market to Sell More Units

It is common for apartment owners who enjoy the units they currently own to stay with what they know. Look around you for unit owners who own the same type of units you have up for sale in the market. Check online for your city’s list of rental licenses which will obviously include the names and addresses of apartment owners. Finally, contact them and you will be surprised at how many units they are willing to buy.

Install Apartment Amenities

To attract buyers to your units, research the types of amenities your target market prefers in their dream home. Install these amenities and see how you will rake-in more sales for your units. In addition, research shows that apartments with highly sought-after amenities like in-unit washers, and granite or quartz countertops, attract higher-paying buyers.

Marketing Helps Sell More Units

For you to sell more units, you need to create a very appealing marketing package for your intending customers. Engage a very good copywriter who can make customers take another look and eventually purchase the units.   

Create an Online Presence

Buying and selling of almost anything has gone online. For you to scale up the sales of your units, you need to create or increase your online presence by doing one or two of the following;

  1. Create your own personal website, where you can lists the units you have for sale.
  2. Upload pictures and information about the units on any free real estate websites like craiglists.com, zillow.com, and connectedinvestors.com.
  3. Market your units using Facebook ads services.


Unleashing your networking ability is another great way of scaling up the sales of your apartment units. You can do this by;

  1. Talking to property managers in your area.
  2. Connecting with other sellers in your locality using their contacts to get buyers for your units.
  3. At any opportunity you get, whether at a speaking event or at a casual hang out with friends and associates, let people know you have apartment units for sale. 

Doing this makes the message sink into the intending buyers that they can count on you for their apartment units needs.

In conclusion, real estate is a very competitive industry that requires lots of creativity and perseverance to stay afloat. You need a lot of persistence and hard work to sell more apartment units as more units are springing up in choice areas on a daily basis.