Philadelphia apartments

Washing Machines for Philadelphia Apartments

Before we get to Philadelphia apartments and their washing machines let’s take a look at their history. Occupying the position of the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is notable for its rich history. For example, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and other American Revolution sites. The city with a population of over one million is the economic and cultural center of the greater Delaware valley. William Penn founded the state in 1682 and it is now one of the oldest municipalities in the United States.

The hard-working nature, modernization, population and a large number of luxury apartment amenity lover in the United States makes Philly another big market for washing machine sales. 

In the time past, apartment rent prices in Philadelphia have been lower than in other big cities, but in the last few years, prices have been moving up steadily. Home values in Philadelphia increased by 10.5% year-over-year and have increased by more than 47% in the last five years. After that, investments in apartment amenities like the washing machine changed the value of apartments.

In addition, the average rent price in Philly is $1,645 according to a study by Rent Cafe. According to there are 13,292 available apartments with washing machines installed in Philadelphia for rent, with rent prices ranging from $450 to $26,778.

Washing machines are classified into 3 types

1. Top-load washer with agitator

2. Front-load washing machines

3. High-Efficiency washing machines

The Philadelphia’ climate is usually wet and partly cloudy year-round, with a temperature that ranges from 26 to 87-degree Fahrenheit. In other words, this makes it ideal weather for the use of washing machines. The machines do not like cold weather because it is made up of hoses, pumps and water intake valves that can be damaged. Ultimately resulting in the breakdown or reduction in the efficiency of the machine.

Benefits of washing machines for Philadelphia apartments

1. Saves time

Fitting apartments with washing machines enables residents to save time by not transporting clothes to and from the community laundry room.

2. Increases efficiency in Philadelphia apartments

In some apartments without washing machines fitted in them, the residents make use of hand-washing methods to do their laundry which is physically demanding and less efficient. In addition, washing machines in Philly apartments increase the efficiency of the residents as they can get their laundry done faster without much physical effort. Lightning One makes this better because of the incredible speed at which it works.

3. Prevents wear and tear in clothes

Washing machines come with different types of wash cycles which are specific for a different type of fabric. Using the right wash cycle for the right fabric prolongs the life of the fabrics.

In conclusion, doing laundry is arguably one of the most backbreaking chores in the world, but people can’t do without due to the need to appear neat and clean as much as possible. The coming of the washing machine has brought about convenience, ease of washing, time and money savings to the people of Philadelphia. The benefits alone are enough to keep the Philadelphia renters permanently in love with washing machines.

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