common area laundry rooms

Why Common Area Laundry Rooms are Out of Date

Common area laundry rooms are spaces where people in a building go to wash and dry their clothes. This facility is gradually phasing out due to the following reasons;

Time Wasted in Common Area Laundry Rooms

Common area laundry rooms are situated far away from the apartment units. The time it takes to go between the unit and the laundry room is time that you could spend doing other activities. The 21st century is an era of multi-tasking, many homeowners or renters prefer doing two things at the same time. They prefer doing other things while their laundry washing and drying. Of course, the common area laundry room cannot provide such luxury.

Lack of Privacy in Common Area Laundry Rooms

Doing your laundry in the common area laundry room does not afford the homeowner or tenants the privacy they desire, unlike the in-unit washing machine like the Lightning One machine. Some tenants prefer singing during laundry, while some prefer quietness during laundry; this definitely brings about a clash of interest and breach of privacy in the usage of the facility. Lack of privacy is one of the reasons causing the gradual facing out of the common area laundry rooms.

Cost of Initial Set-Up

The cost of setting up the common area laundry room and its appliances in relation to the price of the apartment is nothing to write home about, when compared to having the in-unit washing machine installed in each units of the building. The in-unit washing machine fetches premium apartment prices as it’s a delight of property hunters.

High Cost of Maintenance

Due to the fact that the washing and drying machines in the common area laundry room services many people at the same time, there is tendency of increased frequency of breakdowns. This leads to increase in cost of repairs and maintenance to prevent eventual pack up of the machine. This additional cost is one of the reasons why common area laundry rooms are out of date.

Increased Cost of Sanitation

Most people always favor the cleanliness of their immediate space rather than making efforts towards cleaning the whole area. Users of common area rooms tend to clean the immediate space where they did their laundry, leaving the walls, floors, and tabletops unattended. The property manager is left to further incur the cost of sanitizing the laundry room. This can only be accomplished by more cleaning staff.

Many property owners and property manager are now investing in the installation of in-unit washing machine such as the Lightning One machine which ensures the following;

  1. Privacy and convenience for the tenants and intending unit owners.
  2. An increase in apartment prices translates to more profit for the property owners.
  3. Using washers and dryers less means less money spent on repairs and maintenance of the washers and dryers.
  4. Comfort and the provision of the dream apartment for your tenants or prospective unit buyers. The joy you feel fulfilling the dreams of others is priceless.

In conclusion, tenants don’t want a breach of their privacy; no property owner wants to incur more cost as this increases the apartment turnover rates. The solution to prevent all this wrangling is in investing in the installation of in-unit washing machines in apartment units.

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