how to wash a pillow

Can You Wash a Pillow in a Washing Machine?

You can wash a pillow in a washing machine depending on the type of machine and the pillow you’re washing. Most types of pillows, be it cotton filled, feather filled, down and fiber-filled pillows can be successfully washed using a washing machine. However, it’s not advisable to use a machine on foam pillows because it’s too harsh and the padding might break.

What type of Washing Machine can I use to wash my Pillow?

The ideal type of washing machine to clean pillows is the front-load or top-load washing machine that has no spindle (agitator) at the centre. Though if you wish to use a washing machine that has an agitator, it is advisable to position the pillow in a vertical position in the washer, also make sure it spins one or two minutes in a cycle.

How to Wash Pillows Using a Washing Machine.

The following are steps to take while washing your pillows;

1. Remove it from the casing

If your pillows have pillowcases, it is advisable to take them off before cleaning. If your pillows come with additional coverage, it is advisable to take them off too.

2. Load them into the Washer

Make sure you do not overload the machine. It is advisable you wash them two at a time so that the washer is comfortable washing them clean.

3. Use just the right amount of detergent

In other to get a very good cleaning of your pillows and to get them out sparkling clean, make sure you use a scoop of detergent with bleach and half scoop of borax.

4. Start your washing

Start your washing by adjusting the washing machine’s settings so that it makes use of hot water in a gentle washing cycle.

5. Dry your pillows in the dryer

After washing the next step is to put your washed pillows in the dryer if you are not using a washer and dryer combo. Adjust the heat settings to the one that suits the type of pillow your drying.

6. Check for dampness

After drying, bring out the pillows to check them for dampness that may still remain after drying, so as to prevent them from smelling. If you feel the pillows are still damp, just repeat the drying process.

For the foam pillows, do not make use of a washing machine. Wash the pillows in a bowl of water. After washing, rinse them properly under running water, after which you dry them properly under the sun.

In conclusion, no matter the type of pillow to be washed, all you have to check is the label to know if it’s machine washable. Now you know you can do your pillow laundry with your machines. Hurry now and get those pillows cleaned.