the best washer/dryer in 2021

Best Washer/Dryer in 2021

It’s the year 2021, you might have been searching around, surfing the internet, looking for the best washer/dryer to buy. Either as a first-time buyer or you are buying to replace the one you had before, I have got you covered.

Things to look out for while determining a good washer and dryer

1. Check the configuration

The configuration can be side-by-side, side-by-side with pedestals, Stacked or Combo. The best type of configuration to go for is the Combo configuration, which has the washer and dryer all in a casing.

2. Check if it’s Top-load or Front-load

The area you load your cloth into the washing machine determine if it’s front or top loader. Front-load washers are loaded from the front while the top-load washers are loaded from the top. The front load washers and dryers are better because they wash cloths by tumbling them, therefore they make use of less water and are gentle on fabrics.

3. Is it the right washing machine for you?

Before going to buy washers and dryers, you have to measure the space where you want to install them in your apartment. Also you must consider how heavy your laundry is. Armed with this information, proceed to choose the washer and dryer that fits your specification.

4. Is it Electric or Gas Dryers?

Basically, dryers are either electric or gas powered. It is good to go for the electric dryers because they cost lesser than gas dryers and do not require connection to a gas line. The gas powered dryer still needs the connection to an electric source for it to work.

Here is the best washer/dryer in 2021

Lightning One machine

The reason I picked this machine is that it washes and drys in one unit, which makes the overall cost cheaper. The Lightning One machine has the capacity to wash a load under 10 minutes and dry under 20 minutes, completing washing and drying of a single load under 30mins. Isn’t that impressive?