worst washing machines brand

The Worst Washing Machine Brands

It’s not up for debate that washing machines make our lives easier and enjoyable, but here are the worst washing machine brands that you should avoid. This is the main reason why you must look out for the best brands while buying your washing machine. It also means avoiding the bad ones. You have to look for washing machines that have a longer lifespan with little or no maintenance. You have to also put into consideration the size, preset functions, the build, power consumption, and the cost.

Here are the worst brands of washing machine to avoid as a buyer;

1. Whirlpool

Here we specifically will look at two machines. The 3.1 cu. ft. front-load Commercial Coin Operated machine and the 2.3 cu. ft. front-load compact washing machine. Ratings on different websites show shows that they are brands to be avoided.

The complaint on this Brand’s model is that the coin box breaks down easily after purchase. Without which the machine cannot work. Also, there are cases where the machine displays error codes not included in the owner’s manual. This issues does not justify it’s huge cost which is around $1,149.

2. Samsung

Next is the Samsung models 6.0 Total cu. ft. High Efficiency Flex Wash Washer and the 5.5 Total cu.ft. High Efficiency Flex Wash Washer has low ratings on different websites asking for the opinions of customers on the product.

The major complaint about this brand’s model is the high costs it takes to repair them when there’s an issue. The customers claim the costs range from $1,000 to $2,000. Though they are good washing machines for those who need special features and can cope with high costs of repairs.

3. Costway one of the Worst Washing Machine Brands

This brand is very portable and compact because it is designed for easy mobility. The Costway-15in. 1.4 cup. ft. High Efficiency 120-Volt smart Portable Top Load Washing Machine with steam ENERGY STAR and Costway Mini Compact Washer Dryer have low ratings online according to reviews from different websites used by customers of these brands. The main complaint by users is that it usually requires them to shut-off water during each load as they do not have an auto water shut-off feature. Also, the model requires the user to drain dirty water after each load. Many users of this model, also claim that the Compact size cannot reach a water source thereby making it impossible to use.

4. Maytag 

Some of the users of the Maytag front load brand of washing machine have complained about it’s inability to selfclean itself, thereby allowing the growth of moulds in the machine. The presence of moulds in the washing machine causes it to stink almost uncontrollably.

5. GE one of the Worst Washing Machine Brands

GE is a brand widely praised in the United States as a very good brand, but many customers are avoiding this brand especially the GE profile top-load washers because of the way the baskets move freely as it doesn’t have brakes. Customers also complain of the fact that this brand model makes too much noise when the machines are not level.