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How Long Does a Washing Machine Last?

Washing machines just like any electrical appliance have their own lifespan and expiry date. According to research on on average, most Washing machines last for a period of 10 years. Depending on the number of loads you wash per year. Before your washing machine reaches the end of it’s lifespan, it shows some signs that the end is near.

Signs that show the end has come for a washing machine

1. The Washer starts leaking

When the tube of your washing machine starts leaking, this is one of the sign that your machine is nearing it’s end. As a quick fix, you can check the hoses and tighten them if loose and also ensure you don’t overfill the washer when loading it. If the leak continues, it might be cost effective to just get a new one.

2. When the Stinking Smell won’t go away

Another sign that your washer is past it’s peak and needs replacement is when it starts to stink. Many brands of front-loader washing machine fails to self clean themselves, thereby leading to the growth of molds inside the washer which makes it stink. If your machine starts developing this kind of problem, the only fix to it is to start saving towards getting a new one.

3. If your Machine starts making lots of noise

When your washing machine starts making unbearable noise, it is one of the sign that the machine’s time is up. You might try making sure that the dryer is level and that the drum or motor mount is well tightened as a quick fix. If you do all this and the noise still persist, then you might have to consider buying a new washing machine.

4. When the Efficiency reduces drastically

If a washer and dryer that washes and drys clothes under 30 minutes like the Lightning One machine starts to perform the same task at a time more than 45 minutes, that is a sure sign that the washer will soon need replacement. Increase in washing and drying time and the inability to use very limited amount of water and electricity per load is a sign that your machine is becoming a liability and you need to get it changed. 

How to make your machine last longer

The following are what to do to make sure your machine lasts longer;

A. Always check your hot water and cold water hoses regularly for cracks or swellings. Also, tighten them well to prevent any issues.

B. Try as much as possible not to load the washer beyond it’s maximum load limit. Overloading the washer causes damage to the motor.

C. Don’t use detergent above the recommended amount while washing in the washer. Too much detergent apart from shortening the lifespan of your machine can also cause the cloth not to be clean.

In conclusion, as it’s with all appliances, washing machines have a lifespan beyond which they can’t give their optimum performance. Always schedule proper maintenance when it is due and make sure that you don’t delay any repairs needed on the machine.