how to dry clothes

Step-by-Step Guide to Dry Clothes

How do you know how and when to dry clothes? We have the answer. There are different methods of drying Clothes, such as;

1. Using a clothes dryer

The use of drying machine is one of the easiest methods of drying clothes because all you have to do is to put the clothes in the dryer and wait for it to dry.

2. Hanging laundry out to dry

This method is for those who have time to spare or don’t have dryers in their apartment. A clothesline is important for this method, it can be installed outdoors or indoors. Also, wet laundry like underwear can be hung over your shower curtain rod in your bathroom.

3. Lay the laundry flat to dry clothes

Another method of drying laundry is to spread them over a flat surface to dry. Depending on the fabrics and how wet the laundry is, you can spread over a dry bath towel on the bed. Alternatively, you can set up an area in your laundry room where you can air-dry clothes by spreading them on top of a plastic storage bin.

Steps involved to dry clothes

Read the following for a step-by-step guide to dry your clothes;

A. Load the dryer

In the process of loading the washed laundry into the dryer, you have to ensure that the following precautions are followed;

      i. Untangle the wet clothes and linen before loading.

      ii. Follow the instructions on the drying care label on the inside of each garment.

      iii. Air dry delicate clothes to avoid damaging them.

      iv. If you want to load delicate materials, then you have to dry them in mesh bags.

B. Set the temperature for the type and amount of clothing you need to dry

This setup is important because picking the right settings ensures that your laundry is dried within the reasonable time limit.

C. Set the timer based on the type and amount of laundry

The timer is divided into categories of laundry types to be dried, so be sure to set the one that suits the type of laundry you are about to dry.

D. Turn on the extended tumble cycle

Most dryers have settings to turn on or off an extended tumble cycle. Please endeavor to turn the setting on so as to prevent your laundry from wrinkling.

E. Turn on the cycle alert signal sound

This setting allows the machine to produce a signal sound when drying process is over.

F. Start the drying

When you are sure of the settings you have in place, you can close the door of the dryer and press the start button to begin the drying process.

G. Check if the laundry is properly done

When the alert signal goes off signaling the end of the drying process, check the clothes properly to ensure they are all dry. The ones not properly dried can be loaded back into the dryer to repeat the drying process.

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