laundry room ideas to make it prettier

Cute Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room is an integral part of the house and it’s very important to keep it clean and orderly. Some houses have very large space for the laundry room, while some do not have the luxury of large space. No matter the space you have, we have the best laundry room ideas available. Beyond just getting our gorgeous Lightning One laundry machine, you can follow these ideas to make it prettier. These laundry room ideas are unique and cute. Here’s why, it includes tips for storing clothes, laundry materials, decoration ideas that ensure stylishness.

Here are the cute laundry ideas you can use to ensure your laundry room is a lovely place to work in;

1. Redesign your laundry room layout

Imagine having a laundry room where the washer and dryer are separated by a sink, beautiful isn’t it? Make use of a front-load washing machine that conserves space with a sink separating the washer and dryer. Put your cabinets on the top walls of the laundry room. In addition, you can install lights with fancy colors to make the laundry room more inviting.

2. Make your laundry room a fun place to be

Decorate the walls of your laundry room with beautiful wallpapers and have your laundry baskets in different colors beautifully arranged in different areas of the laundry room. This provides a lively place that makes doing your laundry enjoyable.

3. Use beautiful floor tiles

Fitting beautifully designed and patterned floor tiles has a way of making the laundry room a lovely place to be in. It also makes the laundry space easy to clean, full of style and telling a story about your personality.

4. Use up all available space

Using up all available space on the wall of your laundry room has a way of making the room look more organized and tidy. Make use of crates that you can hang on top of wall cabinets to hold cloths; also you can hang a rod in between two cabinets to hang wet clothes before putting them in the dryer.

5. The ceiling can also be beautifully painted

Paint your laundry room ceilings with a beautiful color combination that adds extra beauty to your laundry room. Painting ceilings also have a way of reflecting lights on other surfaces in the room, providing a lovely space you will be happy doing laundry in.

6. Install a speaker or Television set

In other to make your laundry room an enjoyable place to be, you can install speakers connected to your sound system, this enables you to listen to your favorite music while the laundry is on. Having sound speakers guarantees a comfortable area to do laundry and also makes your laundry easy and fun to do. You can also install television sets that will allow you to watch your favorite TV show or movie while laundry is being completed.

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