home appliance start-ups

5 Home Appliance Start-Ups

Home appliance start-ups are dedicated to the development of new technology in home appliances to make our lives easier and enjoyable. In addition, they work across energy and utilities, smart locks, cyber-security, health and wellness, kitchen appliances, and laundry appliances.

The following are 5 home appliance start-ups in the world;

1. Home Appliance Start-Ups: Tado

Tado is a German tech company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. The company founded in 2011 as a home automation company is in the making of home thermostats and air-conditioning controls. The company derives its name from the Japanese salutations “Tadaima” which means I’m back home and “Okaeri” meaning welcome back. Johannes Schwartz, Christian Delimann, and Valentin Sawadski founded Tado. In November 2012, Tado launched its first product, Tado Heating in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and finally in the United States in 2013. After that, Tado Smart AC control, the second product of Tado, launched in Europe and the USA in June 2015.

2. Innit

Next is a United States Start-up Company with its headquarters located at Redwood City, CA, USA. Innit which was founded in 2015 has a platform that combines custom culinary and nutritional science with cutting-edge IT to power the emerging connected food system. Finally, the company founded by Eugenio Minvielle has a total funding of $43 million with a total employee size of 46.

3. Lightning clean

Lightning clean whose motto is “Making laundry hassle-free” is a home appliance start-up, which has dedicated itself to developing cutting-edge laundry technology and technology that free up people’s most valuable asset which is time. Having this in mind, the company developed the Lightning One machine which is capable of washing and drying in less than 30 minutes for each and every 49 million Americans who do not have washers and dryers in their home.

4. Home Appliance Start-Ups: Eero

Eero is a company in the home WiFi system industry, which has developed and now offers a home WiFi system. The company with the headquarters located at San Francisco, 94109, California, United States, uses multiple access points placed throughout the home to create a wireless mesh of network that covers every room, instead of using a single router. In addition, the American company has total funding of $90 million. Nick Weaver has been the CEO of the company since 2014.

5. Home Appliance Start-Ups: Cocoon Labs Ltd.

Finally, Cocoon is an England based home security Product Company. The company which is situated at 46, The Calls Leeds, UK LS2 United Kingdom, offers home security systems and applications which connect with a smart phone. The English company has a total funding of $6.3 million, with its last funding coming March 27, 2017. In addition, the company has four investors namely; 

a. Aviva Ventures 

b. Breed Reply

c. Crowdcube

d. Indiegogo.

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