best small washing machine for a condo

The Best Small Washing Machine for a Condo

The space for a laundry room might be small, but here is the best small washing machine for a condo. This makes it a necessity to buy a small, portable washing machine that is designed for such a small space. Small washing machines come with their own benefits, such as;

1. It saves space as most small washers take up lesser space in the apartment.

2. It saves time! A small washing machine means a smaller load which results in shorter wash time and better clean clothes.

3. They save money by utilizing less water and electricity per load.

The Best Small Washing Machine for a Condo

Lightning One machine

The Lightning One machine prides itself as the first and only washing machine in the world to be able to complete a full wash of clothes in under 10 minutes. It also dries clothes for under 20 minutes, completing a full load washing and drying under 30 minutes. The machine is able to achieve this extraordinary feat by utilizing Lightning-Drive, a revolutionary, high torque, high spin-speed technology. This allows the Lightning One machine to complete a full load in a fraction of the time used by other washing machines.

The machine’s ability to dry clothes in under 20 minutes, is as a result of it utilizing a high rotational speed along with low heat. With this the Lightning One machine is able to accomplish a superior dry cycle in a fraction of the time used by conventional washing machines. Its more amazing to note that during the drying process, you don’t even have to move the clothes.

The Lightning One machine has an innovative Detergent Osmosis, which makes detergents spread evenly throughout the washing machine. This ensures that the machine delivers on its promise of hassle-free, clean, and convenient laundry. The Lightning One machine boasts to be beautifully crafted from brushed aluminum and hand-tempered glass. Its small size which is 1.5 ft. deep, 2 ft. wide, and 3 ft. high ensures that it takes up small space in your apartment. If you are a lover of class, style and loves to conserves your time, visit to get more information about this amazing machine.