AC power plugs and sockets

AC Power Plugs and Sockets In California

AC power plugs and sockets connect electronics to the alternating current power supply available in buildings and other places. In addition, there are different types of power plugs and sockets depending on the voltage, shape, size, current rating, and connector type. 

AC power plugs are designed as electrical connectors that fit into sockets. They have in them pins or blades that connect both mechanically and electrically to the holes in the sockets. In the power plugs, you will find a live contact, neutral contact and earth or ground contact. Sockets on the other hand are electrical connectors which allow the pins or blades of an AC power plug to fit into its hole or slots. In conclusion, they deliver electrical currents to plugs fitted into them. Inside sockets you will find one or more pins that connect to any AC power plug slotted into its hole.

Types of AC power plugs and Sockets in the World

Standards differ for adapted power plugs and sockets for use in different parts of the world. See the types below;

1. Type A 15A/125V (In use in North America and Japan)

2. Type B 15A/125V (In use in America)

3. Type C 2.5A/250V (In use in Europe)

4. Type D 5A/250V (In use in old British Empire and colonies)

5. Type E (In use in France)

6. Type F 16A/250V (In use in Germany)

7. Type E and F hybrid 16A/250V (In use in both France and Germany)

8. Type G 13A/250V (In use in Britain)

9. Type H 16A/250V (In use in Israel)

10. Type I 10A/250V (In use in Australia and China)

11. Type J 10A/250V (In use in Switzerland)

12. Type K 10A/250V (In use in Denmark)

13. Type L 10A/250V and 16A/250V (In use in Italy)

14. Type M 15A/250V (In use in South Africa)

Type of AC power plugs and sockets in use in California

California like any other part of the United States makes use of type A and B AC power plugs and sockets. In other words, the type A electrical plug is a two flat parallel pin plug that is earthed. The neutral pins of the American power plugs are wider than the live pins which make them different from what is obtainable elsewhere. Type B AC power plugs and sockets in use in California have two flat parallel pins and a round earthing pin. The significant feature of this type of plug is that the earth pin is longer than the live and neutral pins which makes the device well earthed before power is connected.

In conclusion, the similarities between the two types of AC power plugs used in California which is a part of the United States is the presence of a hole near the tip that fits into the protrusion found on the contact wipers of some sockets. This hole allows the pins to be firmly gripped providing better contact and also preventing the AC plug from falling out of the socket. In the United States, the standard voltage is 120V and the frequency is 60Hz.