apartment prices across the United States

Apartment Prices Across the Country

Apartment prices vary from state to state and from city to city across the United States. Meanwhile, this blog is specially written to share the various Apartment rent price range in the country. An American spends about $1.6 million on the essentials of survival which are food, shelter, and transportation in their lifetime. The following factors determine the prices of the apartment across the country;

1. Number of bedrooms

2. Number of bathrooms

3. Pets allowed 

4. Square footage

5. Parking

6. Washer/dryer

In short, the average rent price in the United States is approximately $1,249.

apartment prices across the country

The Most Expensive State for Apartment Prices by Rent in the United States

Firstly, the most expensive state in the United States in terms of apartment rent in the state of California. The average rent price paid by residents of the state is $1,901 and this surpasses Hawaii which is second by $200.

The Most Expensive City for Rent in the United States

Secondly, the city with the most expensive apartment rent price is the city of Los Angeles with a rent price as high as $2,600. Similarly, at 23% Los Angeles residents spend the highest percentage of their income on rents.

Cheapest State for Apartment Prices in terms of Rent in the United States

The title of the state with the cheapest rent price goes to West Virginia because the state residents pay as low as $800 for rent, closely followed by the state of Indiana.

Cheapest City for Rent in the United States

Finally, Toledo, Ohio stands as the most affordable city in the United States, with residents having to part ways with as low as $550 for apartment rent. Certainly, if you are looking for a cheap city to live in, now you know where to go.

Top 5 Most Expensive Rents for Apartment Prices by State in the United States

1. California- $1,901

2. Hawaii- $1,734

3. New Jersey- $1700 

4. Virginia- $1,600 

5. Massachusetts- $1,587 

Top 5 Cheapest States in terms of Rent in the United States

1. West Virginia- $800

2. Indiana- $862

3. Iowa- $892

4. Arkansas- $934

5. Wisconsin- $954

Most Expensive Regions in terms of Rent in the United States

Finally, here are the most expensive regions with the highest apartment rent price in the United States;

1. North-East- $1,408

2. West- $1,393

Cheapest Regions in terms of Rent in the United States

The following are the region in the United States with the lowest apartment rent prices;

1. South- $1,206

2. Midwest- $1,042

In conclusion, prices can vary a lot between California and West Virginia, but they all come with their unique advantages. Above all, amenities like in-unit washing machines change the price of apartments.

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