in-unit laundry

In-Unit Laundry vs Floor Laundry

In-unit laundry is a washer and dryer installed to provide convenience and privacy to renters. Therefore, this is an attractive apartment amenity that makes apartments more desirable to potential renters.

in-unit laundry

Floor laundry is a communal place where laundry is done located on the floor of an apartment building (usually the ground floor) where apartment dwellers can carry out their laundry activity.

floor laundry

Pros and Cons of In-Unit Laundry

Pros of In-Unit Laundry

1. In-unit laundry provides privacy and ultimate convenience to renters. This is a major attraction to renters who wish to avoid the lack of privacy characterizing the use of floor laundry.

2. In-unit laundry is a luxury apartment amenity. A machine installed in your apartment units increases the rent the property commands.

3. The machine only gets use from members of a single household, therefore the washers and dryers get less use than floor laundry. After that, the reduced usage leads to less maintenance and repairs, thereby saving more money.

Cons of an In-Unit Laundry

1. Some renters see having in-unit laundry in apartment units as an unnecessary luxury, therefore they tend to ignore such properties. This leads to longer vacancies, fewer tenants, and high turnover rates.

2. In-unit laundry means all apartment units have their separate washing machine. This increases the cost of maintenance because each machine will need to be maintained or repaired.

3. The combined amount of water and electricity used during laundry will be higher in the in-unit laundry compared to that of floor laundry. This increase also results in an increase in cost derived from the usage.

Pros and Cons of a Floor Laundry

Pros of a Floor Laundry

1. It provides a perfect solution for multi-unit apartment buildings, as a big floor laundry can be provided to cater for the laundry needs of the many renters.

2. Some floor laundry is situated very near other amenities such as the gym or the pool. This innovation provides renters or floor laundry users a way to establish a routine of exercise while carrying out their laundry.

3. Floor laundry allows apartment renters to know more about their neighbors. Thereby establishing a lifelong relationship that can be of mutual benefit. Similarly, having floor laundry can help new tenants settle down in an apartment unit as they get to meet other neighbors that help them settle-in in the community.

4. The cost of providing a floor laundry is far less than the cost of in-unit laundry. A floor laundry requires just a small amount of washing machines. However, an in-unit laundry requires machines for every unit in the apartment building.

Cons of Floor Laundry

1. The initial start-up cost for installing floor laundry might be high. Above all, consider the cost and make necessary changes to your rents and property management charges as it is a long-term investment.

2. The frequency of usage of the machine will be high due to the high number of users, thereby leading more frequent repairs and maintenance.

3. The floor laundry will require the services of cleaners, thereby increasing the cost of cleaning the apartment. However, most users of the floor laundry tends to only clean their space after usage, thereby leaving other soiled areas unattended to.