washing machines for Boston

Washing Machines for Boston Apartments

Boston is one of the most popular cities in America, renowned for its culture and passion for sports, the four seasons, the quirky bars, and its historical and contemporary architecture leaving lots to explore in Boston. The city like most American cities has had the opportunity of using washing machines for more than 50 years now.

Washing machines are designed to make our laundry easier, faster, and more enjoyable, but the space is limited. However, Boston apartment renters, like others in the United States, like the good life and prefer apartments fitted with washing machines.

Meanwhile, in Boston, there are different types of washing machines available for use in apartments. The washers available are;

1. Front-load washers
2. Top-load washers
3. Portable washers
4. Combination washers/dryers
5. Commercial washers
6. Pedestals 

For dryers they have;

1. Front-load dryers

2. Electric dryers
3. Gas dryers
4. Portable dryers
5. Top-load matching electric dryers
6. Top-load matching gas dryers
7. Commercial dryers
8. Combination washers/dryers

According to Apartment List, there are 2839 apartments in Boston with washers and dryers fully installed up for sale. In other words, washing machines offer more freedom and flexibility to the weekends of owners and renters. In addition, Boston apartments with washing machines installed have rent costs from $750 to $32,500 per month.

There are different types of washing machine brands available for apartments in Boston such as;

1. Lightning One machine
2. LG
3. Fisher and Paykel
4. Electrolux
5. GE
6. Maytag
7. Bluestar
8. Bertazoni
9. Frigidaire
10. Bosch and 
11. Whirlpool

Benefits of washing machines for Boston apartments

1. Saves time

Firstly, having apartments fitted with washing machines enables residents to save time that might have been wasted in transporting cloths to and from the community laundry room.

2. Increases Efficiency

Secondly, in some apartments without washing machine fitted in them, the residents make use of hand-washing methods to do their laundry which is physically demanding and less efficient. In addition, the availability of washing machines in Boston apartments increased the efficiency of the residents as they can get their laundry done faster without much physical effort.

3. Prevents wear and tear in clothes

Finally, washing machines come with different types of wash cycles which are specific for different types of fabric. In conclusion, using the right wash cycle for the right fabric prolongs the life of the fabrics.