cost for in-unit washers and dryers

What’s the Cost for In-Unit Washers and Dryers

In-unit washers and dryers mean having the laundry machine (washer and dryer) in your apartment building. Some say the cost of installing the in-unit washers and dryers is very high. And finally, some say it isn’t, no matter the cost we all can agree that the benefit outweighs the cost of installation.

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For example, here are questions to ask in order to determine the cost of installing in-unit washers and dryers:

1. How many units of the in-unit washer and dryer are needed?

2. Are you going to employ the services of a professional installer or the installation will be done in-house?

3. Will the machine be washer and dryer combo, side-by-side units or stackable?

4. Is it going to be fitted in a new building or it’s going to be installed in a renovation?

Above all, the cost of installing an in-unit washer and dryer depends on varieties of factors. Including the size, temperature settings, number of cycles, noise levels, and advanced features added

In addition, in the United States of America the average cost of installing an in-unit washer and dryer ranges from $820 to $2,500. The cost of installing an in-unit top loader washing machine which has a capacity of 3 cubic feet, three temperature settings and a dryer costs $950.

The price for installing a stacked compact and 24-inch compact dryer varies from $670 in the United States.

Finally, installation of a high-capacity front-loading washer and dryer combo with the latest smart technology, which washes a load under 10 minutes and dry under 20 minutes like the Lightning One machine costs $2,200 in the United States.

Is it Profitable to install based on the cost for in-unit washers and dryers?

There is no argument that the installation of the in-unit washer and dryer in your unit is profitable. The following are reasons for the profitability;

A. It increases rents by $50 to $100 per month on the average.

B. High-efficiency in-unit washer and dryer like the Lightning One machine have the ability to reduce water and energy consumption cost by almost half for the residents.

C. Installation of in-unit washer and dryer helps to reduce tenants’ move-outs which reduce the apartment turnover rates and eventually increasing profits.

D. Units fitted with in-unit washer and dryer sell up fast in the market, thereby boosting property developers business.

In conclusion, the world is moving on to the era of innovative and profitable apartment technology. It is imperative for homeowners to install an in-unit washer and dryer such as the Lightning One machine in your apartment, and begin to enjoy the good life. The benefit of having the in-unit washer and dryer installed to the landlord and tenants is much more than the cost of installation.