worst top-load washers

Worst Top-Load Washers

We all want to avoid the worst top-load washers, but let’s take a step back. Washing machines were invented in 1851 as the machine to free women from the grueling, backbreaking labor arising from doing laundry by hand washing. Modern-day designs have seen the invention of the front-load washers which have a horizontal axis and the top-load washer with the vertical axis. No matter how hard the front-load washing machines try, the United States laundry machine market still belongs to the top-load washing machines.

Types of Top-load Washers

There are two types of top-load washers, namely;

1. Standard top-load washing machine

Firstly, this type of top-load washer is found in the United States, Canada and Australia. They make use of a center agitator which uses paddles to move cloths in the water from top to bottom of the washing tub.

2. High-Efficiency Top-load Washing Machines

Secondly, this machine makes use of half the amount of water used by its standard counterpart. They are like the front-load washing machines because they also possess the horizontal axis.

The Worst Top-load Washers

Here are the worst top-load washers to avoid according to Washing Solution and Upgraded Home.

1. Costway-15in. 1.4cu. ft. High-Efficiency 120-volts Smart Portable Top-Load Washing Machine with Steam ENERGY STAR

Customers online rated these models of top-load washers very low. The complaint is that the machine requires users to shut off the water during each load because they do not have an auto shut-off feature. Also, they have drain tubes that require users to drain dirty water after each load. Many of the users also complain of the inability of the machine to reach water sources, thereby rendering it impossible to use.

2. Whirlpool-3.3 cu. ft. White Commercial Top-Load Washing Machine

Customers rated this model of Whirlpool top-load washing machine low. Customers complain the cost of repairing the machine is almost the total cost of purchasing a brand new machine. In conclusion, if you are looking for a top-load washer that guarantees longevity and low maintenance, move far away from this model of top-load washers.

3. Danby: DWM045WDB

The reason why consumers rate this model low is because of its weak body material. Consumers also complain of the agitators which is harsh on fabrics rather than its promise of gentility on fabrics and sometimes water leaks out over the tub.