dryers ruin clothes

Do Dryers Ruin Clothes?

To dry or not to dry, that is the question. Because really, do dryers ruin clothes? The dryer is usually used immediately after washing clothes in the washing machine. Many dryers consist of a rotating drum called a tumbler, through which heated air is circulated to evaporate the moisture, while the tumbler is rotated in other to allow airspace maintenance between the clothing.

George Sampson an American inventor invented the dryer in 1892 and patented the machine as “clothes dryer”. George took the idea of Pochon’s original design and improved on it designing a metal drum with a rack that dries Clothes but away from the main source of heat. 

There are 4 factors that determine the type of dryer available, they are;

1. Dryer capacity

2. Power options- electric or gas

3. Dryer types

4. Dryer features

Types of Dryers

The following are the types of drying machines available in the United States;

A. Vented Dryers

This machine is cost-effective and affordable. They generate warm, damp air during the process of drying and expel them through a vent or ducted hose.

B. Condenser Dryer

This type of dryer does not require the release of air out of the dryer. As the warm and damp air is produced it condenses in a tank and is reheated to dry clothes.

C. Condenser Dryer with Heated Pump

The dryer takes the warm and damp air generated through drying and converts it into cool, dry air before being heated up and reintroducing it to the dryer drum again.

D. Gas Dryers

This type of dryer makes use of gas to heat the tumbler, thereby using less electricity to fuel the appliance when compared to other dryers.

Do Dryers Ruin Clothes?

A dryer improves the quality of life, most especially during the wet and cold season when it’s frustrating to get your laundry dry. It is important to correct the misinformation that dryers ruin Clothes. Although there are numerous rumors about dryers damaging clothes. I dare say dryers take care of your clothes and not damage them. 

That being said, delicate fabric should not be dried. Same goes to fabric that can shrink if exposed to heat. Always check the tags on your clothes and follow those instructions.

Finally, new models of washing machines such as the Lightning One machine comes with a dryer that dries Clothes at a lesser time and lower temperatures than the conventional dryers. This new dryer guarantees greater care of your fabrics, thereby protecting the fabric’s integrity.

Furthermore, some dryers now come with programs that are designed to take care of different types of fabrics. Even the most delicate ones such as wool.