washer/dryer combos

Apartments With In-Unit Washer/Dryer Combos

In-unit washer/dryer combos are a washer and dryer combined in a single cabinet. They contain a front-load washer and dryer fitted in an apartment unit. Don’t mistake an in-unit washer/dryer combo for a stackable washing machine. That is a combination of a separate washer and a separate dryer.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of having an in-unit washer/dryer in your apartment;

1. Saves valuable Space

First, in-unit washer/dryer combo comes as a single machine, unlike others that are separate. The Lightning One machine is one example of this. This significantly reduces the amount of space needed to perform necessary household chores.

2. Conserves water and electricity

Using technology that is the same as front-loading washing machines, washer/dryer combos make use of lesser water for washing and also consume less amount of electricity while drying clothes. A washer/dryer combo only requires a 115-volt outlet to perform optimally.

3. Gentle on fabrics

Washer/dryer combo makes use of a horizontal axis drum which lifts the cloth out of the water and plunges them back. This allows the machine to be gentler on clothes, providing a very clean outcome.

4. Easy to Use

Finally, a washer/dryer combo comes with special settings that make it easy to use. They also allow laundry to be done in a lesser time period when compared to other washing machines. An example is the Lightning One machine which washes and dries per load in less than 30 minutes. The fact that the machines are in a single cabinet instead of two separate machines makes the process of washing very simple.

Benefits of Installing In-unit Washers/Dryer Combos to the Apartment Owner 

1. Increase in Marketability

Having an in-unit washer/dryer combo installed in your apartment building makes it more attractive to renters. Because the presence of the amenity promises privacy and convenience for the prospective renter, it increases the apartment’s marketability.

2. Increase in Rent Revenue

Due to the increase in demand for apartments with in-unit washer/dryer combo such as the Lightning One machine, apartment owners tend to charge premiums on rents. The increase in rent revenue as a result of installing an in-unit washer/dryer combo can be as high as 20%.

3. Better Resale Value

According to surveys conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, an in-unit washer/dryer is one of the most in-demand apartment amenities for first-time and second-time home buyers. In conclusion, this means your apartment fitted with combo machines will have a better resale value.