organize a laundry room

How to Organize a Laundry Room

Your laundry room needs to be clean and organized, so as to make it a safe haven to do chores in. This is how to organize a laundry room and on top of that, an organized laundry has a lot to tell about your personality. This is how you become a clean and organized individual. Having an organized laundry room prevents the pilling up of clothes in your laundry room that makes chaotic situations to be the order of the day in your laundry.

Here are different methods you can use to organize your laundry room;

1. Install countertops in your laundry room

Install countertops in your laundry room to serve as a folding station. It is preferable to install such countertops on top of the washing machines using plywood.

2. Have beautiful laundry baskets in place

Doing laundry in the laundry room can sometimes be a boring chore to undertake. Having beautiful laundry baskets and bins can provide a refreshing environment to do one’s laundry, while also helping to keep the dirty clothes hidden from sight.

3. Put the space between the washer and dryer into use

Instead of leaving the space between your dryer and washer to go to waste, it makes your laundry room more organized if you put those spaces to use. Buy a slim rolling cart that can fit into such space. Use this rolling cart to store cleaning supplies such as detergents, bleach, and dyes. Even better, eliminate two machines all together with the Lightning One. The all-in-one unit makes your room tidy and frees up space!

4. Hide your ironing board in a drawer

Having your ironing board hanging around in your laundry room without being properly hidden can take up useful space in your laundry room and also cause the room to look unorganized. In some households, you can hang ironing boards on the wall of the laundry room.

5. Utilize the door wall of your laundry room

The back of your laundry room can be made to perform its own role in keeping your laundry room organized. Get a hanging rack that you can hang at the back of your laundry room door. This rack can help in storing your cleaning supplies and other tools safely for easy access.

6. Use a Lint box to organize a laundry room

Instead of having a trash bin laying around in the laundry room, you can make a beautifully designed box with lint that can serve as a bin where trash in the laundry room can be disposed of.

In conclusion, having a clean and well-organized laundry room is a testament to your organizational skills as a person. A well-organized laundry room makes life easier as it saves you the stress of looking for any item you might need for your laundry. Which of these methods do you intend to start with today? Let us know.