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Three Ways to Make Laundry Enjoyable

It’s no secret that Americans hate doing chores. We’re busy people, and chores get in the way of spending quality time with family, going out with friends, or pursuing your favorite hobby. Among all the household chores you tackle each week, few carry as much disdain as laundry. Every day the laundry pile seems to grow exponentially bigger until you eventually need to spend half a weekend washing, drying, and folding. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can try to make the process a little more enjoyable.

Be Proactive With Your Pile

One of the reasons people dread doing laundry is because they often don’t tackle it until it turns into several overwhelming and time-consuming loads. The longer you let it go, the more you’ll procrastinate. A good rule of thumb is to do a load when you have a load. The next time you have one load of dirty laundry ready, go ahead and pop it in the washer when you’re preparing dinner. Then switch it over to the dryer when you’ve finished eating. Finally, fold it and put it away before you go to bed. By doing fewer loads at once and breaking it up throughout a normal morning or evening routine, the chore will become much less daunting.

Multitask With Music to Make Your Laundry Enjoyable

A good way to make laundry time go by faster is to distract yourself with music, podcasts, or an audiobook. This works especially well during the folding phase of laundry when your hands are busy but your mind gets bored. If you can find a great 15-minute podcast that you can get into, you may actually start looking forward to laundry time. Besides, you can get caught up on the latest episode.

Save Time With Better Technology

The obvious way to make laundry more enjoyable is to spend less time doing it. You can actually reclaim your free time. Since your pile of laundry isn’t going anywhere, the best way to save time is to invest in a hyper-efficient laundry machine. That way you can accelerate the process. Consider getting Lightning One which is both a washer and a dryer in one machine. Lightning One is three to four times faster than a normal washer and dryer cycle. It will have your laundry finished in 30 minutes.

These tips may not make you love doing your laundry, but hopefully, they will make laundry time at least a little more tolerable.