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Designing Apartment Complexes with Washing Machines

One of the biggest pain points for renters and condo owners is the dreaded laundry day. For many people, this half-day chore involves hauling an overfilled basket of laundry down the street to the local laundromat, or, where available, trudging down to the dark and dirty basement to use community coin-op machines. Both renters and owners would love to have in-unit laundry options, and there are several reasons why now is a great time for developers, renovators, and interior designers to consider adding laundry spaces in apartments and condos.

In-Unit Laundry Options Are In Demand While Designing Apartments with Washing Machines

Renters and owners both desire in-unit laundry options, and they are willing to pay more to have them. According to one Trulia study, people will pay anywhere from 3% to 20% more rent in certain US markets for an in-unit laundry option. Save precious time and rolls of quarters each laundry day. In addition, the convenience of private in-unit laundry is a high priority for many. Over time, any renovation or redesign required to create a laundry space would become profitable from the higher rents collected because of this desirable amenity. The same argument can be made for condo sales and resale values; buyers will prioritize and covet units that have a laundry room or space. 

Safety and Liability of Designing Apartment Complexes with Washing Machines

Having laundry machines in apartment and condo community areas can be more convenient than a laundromat. However, they also bring with them the headache of potential safety concerns; there are many news articles and stories about robberies and assaults that occur in poorly lit laundry room basements. Especially when no one else is around. An easy way to mitigate safety concerns or financial risk to property management companies is to move laundry into units. As well as, limit the need for individuals to be in dark or isolated common areas.

Innovative New Laundry Options Have a Smaller Footprint

Probably the biggest hurdle to putting laundry machines in units is the amount of valuable real estate the machines use. In larger, more expensive cities where every square foot is accounted for, it never seems practical or feasible. New laundry technology, however, eliminates this problem. Lightning One, for example, is a washer and dryer in one machine that only takes up 3ft x 2ft – making it the perfect fit for even the smallest apartments and condos. At only 90lbs, it’s also very portable.

Designing in-unit laundry spaces fulfills a demand from renters and buyers. It can also prove profitable and beneficial to renovators and designers. With the invention of new portable laundry machines that take up less space, there’s never been a better time to offer in-unit laundry options to prospective renters and condo owners.