10 minutes

10 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes

People lead busy lives, and it seems hard to find time to fit in anything between work, sleep, and play. Here are a few ways you can remain productive by taking advantage of an extra 10 minutes you may have during your day.

Make Your Bed in 10 Minutes

Making your bed is one of the most important tasks you can complete each day because you will have already successfully accomplished something on your to-do list before you even leave your bedroom. This first accomplishment is a perfect way to begin the morning and will likely snowball into other successes throughout the day.

Sweeping & Vacuuming 

Cleaning your floors is one of the easiest ways to keep your house looking and feeling clean. Doing a quick pass with a broom and a vacuum once a week will bring your house back to life.

Making Coffee

Having a hard time making it to the afternoon? Try fitting in some java time. Put the kettle on, grind the beans, get out the French press, and the delightful aroma and caffeination of a freshly brewed cup of coffee will bring you back to life in no time.


There’s no better way to start the day than with mindfulness. Before you even get out of bed, you can focus on breathing and getting into the right mindset to help set up a positive and productive day. Meditating can be done for as little or as long as you like, so it’s easy to fit in.

Reading the News

It’s important to be informed without being overwhelmed. Thankfully most newspapers let you sign up for an email service that delivers the daily headlines to your inbox each morning. Quickly get the news you need each day that keeps you up to date on local, national, and global events.

Wash Your Laundry in 10 Minutes

Did you know it’s now possible to wash your laundry in 10 minutes? Thanks to Lightning One, everyone’s least favorite chore can be done quickly and painlessly. If you have another 20 minutes, it will also dry your clothes!

Getting Up & Stretching

This sounds easy, but desk jobs and working from home can keep you glued to your chair and laptop for most of the day without you even realizing it. Remaining stationery for long periods of time during the day can be bad for your health, and experts recommend getting up and moving at least three minutes out of every hour. Your body will thank you!

Load the Dishwasher

Dishes tend to collect in the sink throughout the day, so it’s best to stay on top of them before the stack becomes unmanageable. Spending a few minutes to load the dishwasher every day will bring you peace of mind and keep your kitchen clean.

Walk the Dog in 10 minutes

What’s not to love about this one? Along with spending quality time with your fur baby, you’re also getting some fresh air and exercise. It’s a great way to destress and clear your mind between projects and keep your pooch happy.

Create a Grocery List

The best way to save time and money in the grocery store is to write out your grocery list before you even leave your house. Planning out your meals will also keep you from spending more than you need to on impulse purchases.