pick washer settings

How To Pick Washer Settings

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t use – or even understand – a majority of the settings or how to pick washer settings. After the default ‘regular’ wash setting that you’re familiar with, when would you ever use the permanent press, delicates, pre-wash, extra rinse, or any of the other options? Below we break down what is most important to know about picking a washer setting.

Separate Laundry By Color and Material

The first step in picking a washer setting happens before you even start the washer. Make sure to take a few minutes to separate your dirty laundry by lights and darks. In addition, sort by material. Putting bright and vivid colors together in a wash with whites can cause the colors to run. This could tint your lighter clothing. 

Read the Labels to Pick Washer Settings

After your laundry is separated, the next step is to read the care instructions on the clothing labels. Some clothing, especially newer articles, needs to be washed a certain way to prevent the colors from running. This will also keep articles from shrinking. Some items need to be dry cleaned and you’ll need to avoid washing them altogether. Make sure to follow all care instructions so your clothes don’t wear out, shrink, or fade prematurely.

Pick a Temperature to Pick Washer Settings

The most important step in picking a washer setting is getting the temperature setting correct. Your washer could have a hundred different settings, but as long as you choose either a cold or hot option correctly based on what you’re washing, your laundry will turn out fine. Hot water is best for lighter and dirtier colors. For cotton clothing like t-shirts and jeans, you will want to use a cold water setting to keep them from shrinking.

Simplify Your Decision-Making Process

Lightning One understands that niche settings don’t matter much in how your wash turns out, which is why it offers only ‘heat’ or ‘no heat’ setting options. There isn’t much difference between warm and hot in the grand scheme of washing machines, so it’s best to keep the washing process simple. No more time spent debating between ‘permanent press’ and ‘delicates’ so you can get on with your day!