use extra space in your apartment

Use Extra Dryer Space When You have Lightning One

Now that you’ve upgraded your laundry game and installed Lightning One in your apartment or house, you’ve probably become aware of something very quickly. Swapping out both your washer and dryer and replacing it with one unit that does both the washing and the drying has created a ton of extra space! Many of you who bought probably already took measurements and had a plan for the extra space. Some of you were taken by surprise by how much new free space you would create from getting Lighting One. We’ve got a few ideas for you below! 

Replacing Stackable Unit Space

If you’re swapping out a stacked washer and dryer for Lightning One, this means you have a great opportunity to install shelving units above it. You can now keep all your laundry essentials like detergent, bleach, and dryer sheets within easy reach.

Replacing Side-By-Side Unit Space

If your washer and dryer units were side-by-side rather than stacked, this means you probably have much more new open space. More to the left or to the right of Lightning One than you do up and down. Since this arrangement creates a lot more easily reachable space, there are a few more options. This could be a great new location to put one or more laundry baskets. You can sort out your whites and colors before they go in the wash. Directly above the baskets, you could also attach a drop-down ironing board attached by hinges to one of the walls. That way you have a dedicated and out-of-the-way spot where you can iron your clothes.

Build Out the Room or Renovate to Use Extra Space

Depending on where your laundry space is located, replacing two units with one may create the 3-4 extra feet you need to install a walk-in shower in your half-bath. Or you can free up the space you need to make a pantry built-in off the kitchen. 

Before you get started on any permanent changes or renovations, take a few weeks to live with Lighting One in its space. You’ll quickly learn what you like and dislike about the new space. Then you come up with a mental plan for how to make it a more efficient use of the area. You may want your laundry detergent in a certain location. Or you may find that the space is too claustrophobic to iron in. With all this new extra space you’re only limited now by your imagination.