how often should you do laundry

How Often Should You Do Laundry?

Your clothes come in all different shapes, materials, textures, and colors. So, how often you launder each item should be just as varied; you always want to follow the individual care instruction specifications. That way, you get the most life out of each article. Below we’ll go over why some articles of clothing need to be laundered differently, how often you should wash each type, and finally how to strike a balance between finding enough time to do laundry each week with maintaining the other important elements of your life.

Wash It Versus Rewear It

Secondly, a good rule of thumb to follow with clothes is that the closer each article is to your body, the more often you should be washing it after each wear. Wash items like undergarments, t-shirts, blouses, and socks after only one wear. Because they are more likely to pick up and retain body odors, perfumes, sweat, and other undesirables. Items that are a layer removed from your body like dress shirts (worn with a t-shirt) or slacks can go 2-3 days without washing. And you can wear items like jeans and sweaters a number of times between each washing.

Dirt and Delicates Matter

Keep this in mind when determining to wash your laundry. Take into consideration how soiled or how delicate each item is.  Wash anything that gets visibly dirty or stained as soon as possible. That is, before the stain sets in permanently. And certain fabrics or textures like wools should be washed less frequently and gently to preserve the integrity of the material.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the last point to consider after determining how often you should do your laundry. What is the time commitment required to wash everything that needs to be washed? Let’s face it, not everyone has the three hours required each day to wash and dry the average load. If you have a large family, you are likely doing laundry nonstop. Between working, making dinner, spending quality time with family and friends on the weekend, and all the other important events in your life, it’s hard. Being as efficient as possible with your laundry matters. This is why getting a laundry machine like Lightning One can really improve your quality of life. Lightning One can wash and dry 4-6 lbs of clothes in 30 minutes. In conclusion, you can easily balance doing your laundry with all the other important parts of your life.