pick dryer settings

How To Pick Dryer Settings

Regular/Heavy. Permanent Press. Wrinkle Release. Delicates. Freshen Up. Air-dry. Most modern dryers come with a range of different drying options. Although, most people likely use the same basic one each time they do their laundry. With so many options to choose from, does it make sense to use a different drying option? Below we break down what is most important to know about picking a dryer setting.

Read the Labels to Pick Dryer Settings

Hopefully, before you’ve even started washing and drying your laundry, you’ve read the care instruction labels on your clothing. For some clothing, especially newer articles, you need to treat them a certain way to keep from shrinking, fading, or excessive wrinkling. For other items, like delicate sweaters, dry-clean them only. Following the care, instructions lengthen the life of each item and keep them looking great. 

Pick a Temperature

The most important step in picking a dryer setting is getting the temperature correct for the articles you want to dry. Even if your dryer has a range of different options, you are essentially choosing between either applying heat or no heat based on the care instructions. Heat is best for heavy and thick cotton items like towels and jeans and appropriate for everyday broken-in basics like t-shirts. If you have concerns about brighter articles that may fade due to heat, or items that fit perfectly now but may shrink if you apply too much heat, consider using a lower heat or the air-dry setting to keep them in perfect condition.

Simplify Your Decision-Making Process to Pick Dryer Settings

Lightning One was designed around the understanding that a full range of heat settings won’t impact how your laundry turns out, which is why it offers only ‘heat’ or ‘no heat’ setting options. There isn’t much difference between warm and hot, so it’s best to keep the drying process simple. No more time wasted debating between ‘wrinkle-release and ‘air-dry’ and you’ll be happy to know that a load will be dried in only twenty minutes with Lightning One’s revolutionary drying technology.