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Our Mission: To Make Laundry Hassle Free

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Dedication, excellence, and ingenuity drive Lightning Clean in everything we do. Above all, our team is ready to disrupt the laundry machine industry.

Our Crusade

At Lightning Clean®, we believe doing laundry should not be burdensome.  After all, technology has allowed everything in life to happen instantaneously. Notwithstanding, an American household is still continuously robbed of an hour and a half block of their precious time for every single load of washing and drying. 

Because of this, the single mom down the street, or the mother-of-five next door, will spend 137 days (that’s five months of their life) on laundry during the 18 years of each of their sons’ and daughters’ childhoods. Meanwhile, there are 19 million American households (49.4 million people) that do not have washers and dryers in their homes. For them, the process is even more difficult. Above all, trying to balance laundry in between all of the errands, activities, and general pandemonium of life is simply absurd. In addition, managing to remember your laundry or supervising it at the laundromat is only adding insult to injury. For instance, the family that has each parent working multiple jobs, and who can barely make ends meet, should not be required to spend their only time off lugging pounds of soiled clothing to the often-filthy laundromat. 

Washing Machine Solution for Apartments

Wouldn’t it be nice if the landlord would put a washer in each unit? Sadly, that will not happen anytime soon. The cost of retrofitting a home, tearing up concrete, and breaking through drywall is simply astronomical. In other words, too great for most landlords.  Whether it is the hour and a half blocks of time or the lack of in-home laundry technology, the conclusion is straightforward — in-order for laundry to work in the 21st century, every aspect of laundry needs to be hassle-free. 

In conclusion, after experiencing the personal and family misery caused by the dual-laundry-endemic — the lack of basic in-home laundry technology, and the unreasonable blocks of laundry-cycle time — we decided to dedicate ourselves to solving the laundry nightmare. Not only are we committed to bringing cutting edge laundry technology into the home of each and every one of those 49 million Americans, but we also developed the technology that returns to you your most valuable asset — your time. In other words, when we understood the life-changing effect of the ten-minute wash, we couldn’t rest until they were delivered to the American people.  Therefore, Lightning Clean is launching the first-ever 10-minute washing machine. We are pleased to introduce Lightning One®.

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