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Washing Machine Supply Chain Issues

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the consumption of goods in the United States. On the one hand, many factors cripple the supply chain of goods imported into the country. Due to other countries grappling with factory closures and worker illnesses. On the other hand, the pandemic has greatly altered our demand for certain […]

Worst Top-Load Washers

We all want to avoid the worst top-load washers, but let’s take a step back. Washing machines were invented in 1851 as the machine to free women from the grueling, backbreaking labor arising from doing laundry by hand washing. Modern-day designs have seen the invention of the front-load washers which have a horizontal axis and […]

AC Power Plugs and Sockets In California

AC power plugs and sockets connect electronics to the alternating current power supply available in buildings and other places. In addition, there are different types of power plugs and sockets depending on the voltage, shape, size, current rating, and connector type.  AC power plugs are designed as electrical connectors that fit into sockets. They have […]

5 Home Appliance Start-Ups

Home appliance start-ups are dedicated to the development of new technology in home appliances to make our lives easier and enjoyable. In addition, they work across energy and utilities, smart locks, cyber-security, health and wellness, kitchen appliances, and laundry appliances. The following are 5 home appliance start-ups in the world; 1. Home Appliance Start-Ups: Tado […]