Wash Your Clothes in 10 Minutes!

How We Do It

The Lightning Clean One®  is the first and only washing machine to be able to fully wash your clothes in under 10 minutes and dry in under 20 minutes. That is to say, the machine utilizes Lightning-Drive, a revolutionary, high torque, high spin-speed technology, which allows the machines to complete full loads in a fraction of the time of traditional machines.

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Desire Cleaner Laundry?

Clean laundry is ideal for every load. With Lightning Clean’s innovative Detergent Osmosis®, clothes are free from the evils of years of ineffective washing. Through the use of Detergent Osmosis®, detergent spreads evenly throughout the entire machine — permeating each and every article of clothing — allowing the clothing to achieve maximum cleanliness.

Dry Your Clothes in Under 20 Minutes!

 Our Lightning One washing machine also boasts the incredible ability to dry your clothes in under 20 minutes. In other words, it washes in under 10 and dries in under 20. By utilizing a high rotational speed along with low heat the Lightning One is able to accomplish a superior dry cycle in a fraction of the time of conventional washing machines–and you don’t even have to move the clothes.

Lightning Clean is Perfect For Your Apartment

Washing machines do not have to be unattractive. Lightning Clean developed Lightning One® to be beautifully crafted from brushed aluminum and hand tempered glass. It also fits in any apartment, taking up less space than ever before. We’re talking 1.5 ft deep, 2 ft wide, and 3 ft tall. In conclusion – it’s convenient!

Laundry Wherever You Want with Lightning Clean

Meanwhile, our revolutionary Insta-pipe® hookup design allows owners to install Lighting One®  in any house, condo, or apartment regardless if the home is equipped with washing machine hookups or not. To clarify, stop putting your clothes in washing machines that have washed other people’s dirty and quite possibly infected laundry. Therefore, the toil of hauling your laundry to the communal laundromat is now made obsolete by the convenience of doing your laundry in under 10 minutes. In addition to this, it’s made better by doing it inside of your own home with Lightning Clean’s Insta-pipe®.

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