Wash Your Clothes in Only 10 Minutes

lightning one

Complete a full cycle of washing and drying in only 30 minutes with the world’s fastest combo laundry machine.

Lightning One uses revolutionary, high torque, high spin-speed technology, is compact, and weighs only 90 pounds.

Lightning One Intro

Save time & money

Save water & energy

Compact & lightweight

Fits 1.86 ft cubed (14 gal)

A 2-in-1 Washer and Dryer Combo Machine

No need to switch over the laundry, Lightning One makes it a one-step process. The wash cycle is only 10 minutes and the Dry Cycle is only 20 minutes.

Cleans Deeper Than Standard Washers

Detergent OsmosisĀ® patented tech injects water and detergent into the center of the drum and then pulls that fluid outward through centrifugal force.

This spreads evenly throughout the machine, cleaning the dirtiest clothes in far less time.

Convenient for Small Spaces

Lightning One is perfect for apartments, RVs, and even tiny homes. At 1.5 ft. deep, 2 ft. wide, and only 3 ft. tall, this takes up far less space than traditional machines.

Ultra Durable for Zero Maintenance

Traditional machines need yearly repairs. Lightning One was designed for minimal maintenance.

It alleviates traditional plate vibrations that cause loud noises and potential damage to floors and walls.