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In-Unit Laundry vs Floor Laundry

In-unit laundry is a washer and dryer installed to provide convenience and privacy to renters. Therefore, this is an attractive apartment amenity that makes apartments more desirable to potential renters. Floor laundry is a communal place where laundry is done located on the floor of an apartment building (usually the ground floor) where apartment dwellers […]

A New Decade of Apartment Technology

The next few years will mark a new decade of apartment technology. With new research to develop new facilities and amenities that make living in an apartment exciting. The new decade of apartment technology promises to be exciting. It also presents a future of a more comfy apartment unit living experience. Smart Apartment Technology The […]

Apartment Turnover Rates

Apartments turnover refers to the period of time when a tenant moves out of an apartment and it becomes vacant. Apartment turnover rates are normally calculated in percentage. The percentage of tenants that move out of the apartment at the end of each contract period. Apartment turnover rates are important in determining the overall profit […]